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Wednesday, 13 December 2017
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We are a multi-talented team

Our team consists of project managers, training coordinators, materials developers, assessors, moderators, facilitators, legally trained consultants, human resources and industrial relations consultants, industrial psychologists and statisticians.

We are a Level 3 contributor to BBBEE

Redpeg is 100% black woman owned and is accredited as a Level 3 contributor with 110% procurement recognition.

We are accredited by a number of Sector Education Training Authority’s
Redpeg is fully accredited by the Services SETA, ETDP SETA, HWSETA and MerSETA for the development, provision, assessment, moderation and certification of unit standards-based training programmes.

Our vision and mission statement

Our vision for the future
A leading service provider that delivers world-class products and services.

Our mission
To provide strategic interventions nationally across sectors and sub-sectors that are current, relevant, responsive and cost-effective.