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Saturday, 24 March 2018
National Certificate: Community Development (HIV/AIDS Support) Print E-mail
It is a national priority to address the many problems associated with HIV/AIDS, which is prevalent amongst individuals, families, groups and communities. The community development (HIV/AIDS support) qualification is intended for the Home Based Care (HBC) practitioner and lay counsellor who will educate and counsel communities about the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It is geared towards enabling HBC practitioners and health workers (both lay and professional) who find themselves particularly in the frontline of under-resourced communities. Its purpose is to equip qualifying learners with:
  • Knowledge and understanding of the communities within which those living with life-threatening conditions such as HIV/AIDS find themselves confined and the ability to communicate with all members of these communities.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the processes of adult learning and the ability to successfully communicate new information so that a change in behaviour is brought about.
  • Knowledge of human behaviour and the ability to provide a means to achieve emotional and physical support for those in distress.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles of personal and community sanitation and the ability to initiate improvements in this area.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the cause and effect of life threatening conditions especially HIV/AIDS.
  • The skills to work as a team member and as a provider of support services within a multidisciplinary health care team
  • The skills to implement effective interventions aimed at reducing vulnerability to HIV infection and the impact of AIDS 

Unit standard alignment:
The national certificate is aligned to the following unit standards:
Unit Standard Number
Unit Standard TitleFundamental (F)
Core (C)
Elective (E)
NQF LevelOfficial number of credits
14034Demonstrate knowledge of community sanitationCoreLevel 37
110053Conduct a basic community needs assessmentCoreLevel 412
114478Conduct basic lay counselling in a structured environmentCoreLevel 415
114491Educate and work closely with the community with regard to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including Human Immune Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS)CoreLevel 410
7384Facilitate an adult learning eventCoreLevel 416
12353Facilitate participatory community development processesCoreLevel 412
114483Identify and apply strategies to deal with risk behaviour to promote psychological health and wellnessCoreLevel 46
9950Plan learning eventsCoreLevel 410
10214Promote an awareness of nutritional principlesCoreLevel 56
9015Apply knowledge of statistics and probability to critically interrogate and effectively communicate findings on life related problemsFundamentalLevel 46
8974Engage in sustained oral communication and evaluate spoken textsFundamentalLevel 45
8975Read analyse and respond to a variety of textsFundamentalLevel 45
9016Represent analyse and calculate shape and motion in 2-and 3-dimensional space in different contextsFundamentalLevel 44
8979Use language and communication in occupational learning programmesFundamentalLevel 45
7468Use mathematics to investigate and monitor the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issuesFundamentalLevel 46
8976Write for a wide range of contextsFundamentalLevel 45
15096Demonstrate an understanding of stress in order to apply strategies to achieve optimal stress levels in personal and work situationsElectiveLevel 55
15094Demonstrate insight into the application of theories of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence in personal developmentElectiveLevel 55
Accreditation status
Redpeg is accredited by the Health and Welfare SETA for the delivery of this qualification.
NQF levels
Qualification name
National Certificate: Community Development (HIV/AIDS Support).
SAQA Qualification ID:48665
NQF Level4
Minimum credits135
The duration of the qualification is one year
Entry requirements
The entry requirements for the programme are stipulated in the outline of the SAQA registered qualification entitled: “National Certificate: Community Development: HIV/AIDS Support” (SAQA qualification ID: 48665). Learners wishing to study towards this qualification are assumed to have communication at NQF level 3, mathematical literacy at NQF level 3 as well as the ability to undertake independent learning.

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