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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
Agricultural co-operatives Print E-mail

Training Modules

The agricultural co-operatives training programme consists of the following training modules:

  • Basic economics of an agricultural co-operative
  • Cost accounting and control
  • Financial management
  • The budget
  • Crop collection
  • Planning
  • Collecting and receiving agricultural produce
  • Storage
  • Storage management
  • Agricultural supply services
  • Agricultural supply management
  • Transport
  • Transport management
  • Export marketing
  • Marketing of agricultural produce
  • Management of larger agricultural co-operatives
  • Project preparation and appraisal
  • Rural savings and credit schemes
  • Work planning

Unit standard alignment

The programme is aligned to the following unit standards:

  • Receive Merchandise (SAQA US ID: 8137; Credits: 4; NQF Level: 2)
  • Purchase merchandise (SAQA US ID: 8164; Credits: 12; NQF Level: 4)

More information
For more information on the training programme, please email us at: