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Saturday, 24 March 2018
HIV/AIDS Peer Educator Training Print E-mail

Upon completion of the programme, trained and certified peer educators will be able to raise awareness in the workplace regarding HIV/AIDS transmission / prevention and Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT), provide care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS and STI's, and be able to refer people to the necessary support services.

Training modules
The peer educator training programme consists of the following modules:

  • HIV/AIDS - the basics
  • HIV/AIDS - prevention
  • HIV/AIDS - the relationship with TB and STI's
  • HIV/AIDS - living positively
  • HIV/AIDS - rights in the workplace
  • HIV testing in the workplace
  • HIV/AIDS in the community
  • Train the trainer - principles of training in the workplace

Training outcomes
After completing the training programme, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and explain the nature of HIV/AIDS
  • Explain the relationship between HIV and AIDS
  • Understand the origin and anatomical structure of HIV
  • Explain the life cycle of HIV referring to the process of attachment, entry into the cell, integration of viral genetic material, reproduction and release of new HIV into bloodstream
  • Discuss the clinical manifestations of HIV-infection from time of infection to death, referring to the interaction of HIV with the body’s immune system and the role of AIDS-related opportunistic infections like TB, meningitis and pneumonia
  • Explain how HIV can and cannot be transmitted, referring to the minimum requirements for HIV transmission, infectious body fluids and high-risk, low-risk and no-risk activities
  • Discuss HIV testing, referring to types of available tests, interpretation of results, and the implications of the window period
  • Discuss the various treatment options, referring to healthy lifestyle, immune boosters, prophylactic treatment, treatment of opportunistic infections and anti-retroviral treatment
  • Describe and explain practices that reduce and prevent risk of infection
  • Discuss the latest HIV/AIDS statistics (South African and global) and trends
  • Reflect on attitudes towards HIV/AIDS
  • Describe and analyse beliefs and attitudes toward HIV and AIDS in the workplace
  • Identify factors influencing attitudes toward HIV and AIDS
  • Outline the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS
  • Plan, prepare, offer and evaluate an information session in the workplace on HIV and AIDS
  • Know what guidelines and assistance are available to support workers with HIV/AIDS and recognise own role in creating a caring work environment
  • Understand the role of a peer educator within the context of an HIV/AIDS workplace programme

Unit standard alignment
The programme is aligned to the following unit standard:

  • Contribute to information distribution regarding HIV/AIDS in the workplace (Unit Standard ID: 8555; NQF Level 4; 4 Credits)

Duration of training
Three days

More information
For more information on the training programme (e.g. training dates, quotations etc.), please email us at:   
HIV/AIDS training enrolment
If you would like to participate in the above training programme, please complete the online training enrolment form: Training enrolment form
(Please note that fax and email versions of the enrolment form are available on request from

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