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Saturday, 21 April 2018
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Helping you respond to the challenge of HIV/AIDS...

Redpeg can proactively assess the potential impact of HIV/AIDS on your organisation – through workplace research – and advise on the development and implementation of a workplace HIV/AIDS strategy and policy. These interventions can help to:

  • Reduce the incidence of HIV among employees; 
  • Manage the impact of HIV positive employees on the bottom line; 
  • Ensure that appropriate HIV/AIDS-related programmes and policies are in place, i.e. able to avoid serious productivity losses and industrial relations disputes;
  • Understand the impact of HIV/AIDS on future human resources and skills related planning;
  • Ensure that all employees and management are appropriately trained; and
  • Locate the HIV/AIDS programme within the context the broader wellness programme.

...through comprehensive, strategic HIV/AIDS interventions

The following is an overview of our interventions, which include:

1. Workplace research

  • Economic Impact Studies

It’s increasingly recognised that the HIV/AIDS epidemic not only presents a human tragedy of unprecedented enormity, it is also having a profound effect on the economic health of many organisations. It’s important to obtain the best possible predictions about the likely impact of HIV/AIDS, as this allows organisations to develop and implement strategies to minimise the impact, to maintain longer-term viability and economic sustainability and to support the needs of employees living with HIV/AIDS.

Through the use of an organisation-customised economic impact model, Redpeg is able to predict the potential impact of HIV/AIDS, including the cost impact of HIV/AIDS on an organisation, the financial savings that could be achieved through different interventions, current and future employee prevalence rates, and more. Please see below for example outputs from our economic impact study:


  • Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Surveys

KAP surveys are used to assess the knowledge, attitudes and practices of employees with regards to HIV/AIDS. KAP survey results are used to establish employee vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and guide the development of a comprehensive organisational HIV/AIDS strategy.

Redpeg uses an electronic survey instrument that not only provides accurate results it significantly reduces the turnaround time for the delivery of survey results. Our interactive employee response system facilitates easy participation in surveys and allows for the active engagement of employees. Once the survey is complete, the Redpeg team analyses the survey results and provides feedback in the form of a comprehensive survey report. The pictures below are example screenshots from our electronic survey questionnaire:

2. Strategy development & implementation

Redpeg can guide your organisation in the development of an HIV/AIDS strategy that is responsive to research findings. We partner with organisations to ensure a successful strategy roll-out by facilitating:

  • Top management commitment;
  • Identifying a dedicated HIV/AIDS committee or champion;
  • A well-designed step-by-step action plan;
  • Fair and transparent HIV/AIDS-related policies;
  • An effective communication strategy;
  • A comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention strategy;
  • A comprehensive cost-containment strategy;
  • A wellness management programme;
  • Community involvement; and
  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

3. Training programmes and customised curriculum development

Redpeg is a Services SETA accredited service provider and enjoys institutional accreditation for the development, facilitation, assessment and certification of HIV/AIDS training programmes. We have developed comprehensive packaged HIV/AIDS programmes, which include training in foundational clinical modules as well as workplace specific modules. The following packaged training programmes are available:
  • HIV/AIDS basic awareness
  • HIV/AIDS peer educator
  • HIV/AIDS coordinator
  • HIV/AIDS training for managers
  • HIV/AIDS counsellor
  • HIV/AIDS, the law and the workplace
  • Implementing an HIV/AIDS workplace policy
All Redpeg training materials are aligned with existing SAQA unit standards and are certifiable. 

Training programme outlines
For outlines of the above programmes, please click on the following link: HIV/AIDS training programme outlines
Registering for our public training programmes
If you would like to register for any of the above training programmes, please complete our online training enrolment form by clicking on the following link: Training enrolment form (Please contact us if you would prefer a fax or email version of the enrolment form)
In-house training available
Redpeg offers its training programmes on an in-house basis, provided there is a minimum of 10 learners. For more information or a quotation, please contact
Customised training programmes available
We can customise a training programme to suit your organisation’s training needs. We have immense experience in developing sector- and organisationally-customised programmes with differentially targeted training for various roles within an organisation, e.g. general employee training, management focused training, shop steward training, positive living programmes for HIV positive employees, etc. For more information on this service, please contact