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Saturday, 24 March 2018
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HIV/AIDS Training

  • "Attending the programme with Redpeg has enabled me to grasp the possible impact of HIV/AIDS on our organisation. I was capacitated to think strategically about the imperatives and workplace solutions to the threat of the pandemic. More importantly though, in preparing the portfolio of evidence, I was guided to bridge the gap between mere policies to implementing practical workplace programmes. The highly skilled team of facilitators was able to keep the programme interesting and current. I will recommend any person, at any level, wanting to be proactive about HIV/AIDS in the workplace to attend a Redpeg programme." Ester Meyer (MerSETA - HR Manager)

  • "As the co-ordinator of the existing company employee HIV programme it provided me with tools and template to improve our programme and become more structured going forward. Many elements were missing from our programme which I now have the knowledge to be able to implement. I personally was very impressed with the way it was conducted as learners were able to discuss and debate and learn from each other’s experiences” Melanie Francis (SAPREF – Occupational Hygienist / HIV/AIDS Coordinator)

  • “The training was informative and thorough. Facilitators were able to answer all queries, and presented a broad range of experience and ideas” Thomas Johns (Flexilube – SHEQ Manager)

  • “The training is excellent, the presenters knew their information and delivered it in an easy to understand manner, catering for all people who attended the course.” Ann Williamson (Arkema Resins – Executive Assistant)

  • “Many companies want to run HIV programmes but they just don’t know where to start, what is involved, who should be involved etc. Such a programme provides the necessary guidance to get going.” Lindiwe Khuzwayo (SAPREF – Sustainable Development Manager)

  • "I was encouraged by the groups' response to HIV in the workplace, and the enthusiasm that was instilled in us by the facilitators. The wealth of expert knowledge that was available to the delegates (from the facilitators) was exceptional. The strategy templates were easy to draw up and understand and therefore execution was easier (I have been exposed to complex tools that confuse and stifle ideas, this was not the case with Redpeg). Communication for the duration of the course was excellent - relevant feedback, explanation and requirements was given/issued constantly" Anon

  • "Redpeg on a very practical level, sensitised and empowered us with a sound knowledge base on how to fight this crippling disease - but also support those already infected. Added to this was a clear workplace orientation to identify address this in a pro-active and rigorous manner" Anon

Some general comments on our training programmes:

  • I thought the training was perfect and it was at good learner pace, nothing was missing in this programme

  • The programme was brilliant and addressed even more than what I expected. Very Good

  • The training was such an eye opener on issues relating to HIV/AIDS that affects the community

  • Program well set up. User friendly. Facilitator conducted programme excellently

  • Excellent information, very well presented


HIV/AIDS Interventions

On Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Surveys:

  • “The KAP was handled efficiently considering our operational requirements. Staff felt comfortable with participating as Redpeg presented an independent and professional image” Thomas Johns (Flexilube – SHEQ Manager)

  • “The KAP survey was particularly valuable as we have a better idea on where to focus our awareness and training initiatives going forward.”  Melanie Francis (SAPREF – Occupational Hygienist / HIV/AIDS Coordinator)

On Economic Impact Assessment (EIA) Reports:

  • “It assisted me to sell the strategy to the Executive Committee. They approved a budget and the strategy after understanding the risk involved. “ Dea Jacobs (Liquid Colours – HR Manager)


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