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Saturday, 21 April 2018
Co-operative Training Programmes
Accredited co-operative training programmes
We believe that co-operatives offer an alternative way for people to work together and relate to each other without exploitation. Co-operatives can play an important role in democratising the economy and promoting development and growth, which must take place if wealth is to be created in our society.
Our co-operative training programmes are aligned with registered unit standards and make use of outcomes based learning materials that incorporate South African co-operative management principles and international principles, which have been adapted for local relevance. Our programmes have been designed to capacitate co-operative members working across the following types of co-operatives:
  • Agriculture co-operatives, especially around marketing and supply;
  • Worker co-operatives;
  • Financial co-operatives, especially savings & credit and burial societies;
  • Consumer co-operatives; and
  • Service co-operatives, especially housing, early childhood development and health care.
In addition, we offer the following generic training programmes to co-operative members:
  • Co-operative organisational and management skills training programme
  • Education and training practitioner (train-the-trainer) programme

Co-operative Training Programme Outlines
For more information on our training programmes, please click on the links below:

Introduction to co-operatives
Starting up a co-operative
Managing a co-operative
Co-operative retail management
Agricultural co-operatives
Housing co-operatives
Credit union co-operatives
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